Inglés National Geographic Interactivo Básico - A1

Curso gratis para: Trabajadores y Empresas
Modalidad de realización del curso: Online
Número de Horas: 180 Horas
Titulación: Diploma acreditativo con las horas del curso

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Mejorar las destrezas generales del Inglés a nivel oral y escrito.


Nota: Contenido en inglés y gramática en español

UNIT 1: Friends and Family

  1. Unit Goals: Meet and introduce people
  2. Identify family members
  3. Describe people
  4. Present your family
  5. Grammar: Present tense: be; Be + adjective; Questions with be and short answers
  6. Vocabulary: Greetings and introductions; Family members; Adjectives to describe people
  7. Listening: Listening for general understanding and specific information. People describing their families
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: talking about your family; The /r/ sound
  9. Reading: "Families around the World".
  10. Writing: Writing sentences to describe your family
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Animal Families".

UNIT 2: Jobs Around the World

  1. Identify jobs
  2. Talking about jobs
  3. Talking about countries
  4. Compare jobs in different countries
  5. Grammar: Contractions with be: negative; indefinite articles; be + article + adjective + noun
  6. Vocabulary: Jobs; Numbers; Words to describe the weather; Continents, countries and cities
  7. Listening: Focused listening. People describing their jobs
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Asking for and giving personal information; Numbers; Contractions with be
  9. Reading: "Different Farmers"
  10. Writing: Writing a paragraph to describe a person's job
  11. Vídeo Journal: "A Job for Children".

UNIT 3: Houses and Apartments

  1. Identify places in a home
  2. Describe your house
  3. Identify household objects
  4. Compare houses
  5. Grammar: There is/ there are; Prepositions of place: in, on, under, next to
  6. Vocabulary: Places in a home; Furniture and household objects
  7. Listening: Listening for general understanding and specific details. People talking about their houses
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Describing your house; Final -s
  9. Reading: TED TALKS "Kent Larson: Brilliant Designs to Fit More People in Every City".
  10. Writing: Writing descriptions of houses. Writing strategy: Topic Sentence
  11. Vídeo Journal: "A Very Special Village".

UNIT 4: Possessions

  1. Identify personal possessions
  2. Talk about other people's possessions
  3. Buy a present
  4. Talk about special possessions
  5. Grammar: Demonstrative adjectives; Possessive nouns; Have
  6. Vocabulary: Personal possessions; Electronic products
  7. Listening: Listening for specific information; People proving ownership
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Talking about the personal possessions of others; /i:/ and /i/ sounds
  9. Reading: "Jewelry".
  10. Writing: Summarizing a class survey. Using commas
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Uncovering the Past".

UNIT 5: Daily Activities

  1. Tell time
  2. Talk about people's daily activities
  3. Talk about what you do at work or school
  4. Describe a job
  5. Grammar: Simple present tense: Statements, negatives, What time...? Questions and short answers; Adverbs of frequency: always, sometimes, never; Time expressions
  6. Vocabulary: Daily activities; Telling time; Work and school activities; Time expressions
  7. Listening: Listening for general understanding and specific details. Describing a photographer's work
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Asking and answering questions about work or school activities; Fallling intonation on statements and information questions
  9. Reading: TED TALKS "Karen Bass: Unseen Footage, Untamed Nature".
  10. Writing: Writing a job description
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Zoo Dentists".

UNIT 6: Getting There

  1. Ask for and give directions
  2. Create and use a tour route
  3. Describe transportation
  4. Record a journey
  5. Grammar: Prepositions of place; Imperatives; Have to
  6. Vocabulary: City landmarks; Directions; Ground transportation
  7. Listening: Listening for specific information. Radio ad for a tour
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Ask for and give directions; Yes/no questions and short answers
  9. Reading: "Journey to Antarctica"
  10. Writing: Writing a travel itinerary
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Volcano Trek".

UNIT 7: Free time

  1. Identify activities that are happening now
  2. Make a phone call
  3. Talk about abilities
  4. Talk about sports
  5. Grammar: Present continuous tense; Can (for ability).
  6. Vocabulary: Pastimes; Games and sports
  7. Listening: Listening for specific information. Telephone conversation
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Have a phone conversation; sh and ch sounds. Can and can't
  9. Reading: "Soccer - The Beautiful Game".
  10. Writing: Writing sentences about your abilities
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Danny's Challenge".
  12. UNIT 8: Clothes
  13. Identify and shop for clothes
  14. Buy clothes
  15. Express likes and dislikes
  16. Learn about clothes and colors
  17. Grammar: Can/could (for polite requests); Likes and dislikes
  18. Vocabulary: Colors. Clothes
  19. Listening: Listening for specific details. Listening to People. Shopping for clothes
  20. Speaking and Pronunciation: Describing people's clothes; Could you
  21. Reading: "Chameleon Clothes".
  22. Writing: Writing about what people are wearing
  23. Vídeo Journal: "Traditional Silk-Making".

UNIT 9: Eat Well

  1. Order a meal
  2. Plan a party
  3. Describe your diet
  4. Talk about a healthy diet
  5. Grammar: Some, any; How much/how many
  6. Vocabulary: Food types; Meals; Quantities; Count/non-count nouns
  7. Listening: Listening for specific details. Conversation to confirm a shopping list
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Planning a dinner; And
  9. Reading: TED TALKS "Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L.A.".
  10. Writing: Writing sentences about eating habits. Writing strategy: Self-correct
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Slow Food".

UNIT 10: Health

  1. Identify parts of the body to say how you feel
  2. Ask about and describe symptoms
  3. Identify remedies and give advice
  4. Describe how to prevent health problems
  5. Grammar: Review of simple present tense; Look + adjective Feel + adjective; Should (for advice).
  6. Vocabulary: Parts of the body; Common illnesses; Remedies
  7. Listening: Listening for general understanding and specific details. Describing symptoms to a doctor
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Describing symptoms and illnesses; Giving advice; Sentence stress. Reading: "Preventing Disease".
  9. Writing: Writing a paragraph on disease prevention
  10. Vídeo Journal: "Farley, the Red Panda".

UNIT 11: Making Plans

  1. Plan special days
  2. Describe holiday traditions
  3. Make life plans
  4. Express wishes and plans
  5. Grammar: Be going to; Would like to (for wishes).
  6. Vocabulary: Special plans; American holidays; Professions
  7. Listening: Listening for general understanding and specific details. American holiday traditions
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Talking about celebrating holidays; reduced; Be going to
  9. Reading: TED TALKS "Derek Sivers: Keep Your Goals to Yourself".
  10. Writing: Writing about one's plans for the future
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Making a Thai Boxing Champion".

UNIT 12: On the Move

  1. Use the simple past
  2. Give biographical information
  3. Describe a move
  4. Discuss migrations
  5. Grammar: Simple past tense
  6. Vocabulary: Verbs + prepositions of movement; Preparing to move
  7. Listening: Listening for general understanding and specific details. Biographies of famous immigrants
  8. Speaking and Pronunciation: Discussing moving; -ed endings
  9. Reading: "Human Migration".
  10. Writing: Writing a vacation postcard
  11. Vídeo Journal: "Monarch Migration".
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